The Absolute Best Prices on the Best Pieces!

Every woman loves jewelry, whether her tastes run to the super blingy or the understated — it’s the type of gift where room for error is minimal. Of course, the only real problem for many people is the cost of high-quality women’s jewelry — and when you buy jewelry from a jewelry store, a department store, or on many Internet websites, that cost can be very high indeed! Consider a new source for the beautiful high-end women’s jewelry that you want. Your local pawn shop can be an excellent place to buy jewelry of all types at great low prices!

You may be shocked at the wide selection you will find when you do your jewelry shopping at a pawn shop. Gold jewelry, platinum jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, Native American jewelry, diamond jewelry, pearl jewelry pieces, and antique jewelry is all available at quality pawn shops, and you might be even more surprised at the low prices you will find.

Pawn shops offer like-new women’s jewelry at rock bottom prices and are known for rare and unique pieces. Additionally, they typically pay more for gold jewelry, silver jewelry, platinum jewelry, diamond jewelry, and watches. Consider visiting pawnbrokers like us for the best prices in town and the highest offers possible.

One great tip for any consumer looking to purchase woman’s jewelry is finding a pawn shop which offers layaways. Layaways are a straightforward process and can come in handy if you’re short on money for a fantastic piece. All Frontera Cash and Loan pawn shops offer layaway and will be more than happy to hold a fine piece of jewelry in your name. Visit us today because you never know what you can find in our pawn stores.