Pawn Shop Vintage Jewelry

Frontera Cash and Loan Jewelry Buyers are fully equipped to evaluate your antique and vintage jewelry because of our experience and outward resources. We are accurate and thorough when assessing these types of valuables and always pay top dollar. Antique Jewelry is tough to estimate value on because there are so many different views what constitutes antique and does not. This is why our pawnbrokers are continuously trained as you can never have too much education in the antique jewelry buying business. We are customer service driven and will give you the highest payout on your valuables every time. Come visit us today for the most money possible.

Accuracy Pay’s More

Our pawn shop professionals strive to have a deep understanding of what is Antique Jewelry and what is not. Technically Antique Jewelry, as well as anything antique, is 100 years old or older. However, the term is used more loosely in today’s world. A term used more accurately when speaking of Antique Jewelry in the past 100 years is vintage. All Antique Buyers have to be extremely knowledgeable about the history and past trends that define these pieces so that an accurate value can be placed on them for a top dollar payout. The same knowledge is used when determining the value of vintage jewelry from let’s say the 1920’s or 1950’s. We not only have this knowledge but have the experience and resources as well.

Stop in today!

When you find yourself in the market to sell or are in a position of financial hardship you can feel confident in turning to us. We take care of every customer that walks thru our doors and will always give you an accurate evaluation and pay you top dollar for your valuables. We have a pawn shop in Florida where we have knowledgeable specialists available to find the most value in your valuables.

Antique & Vintage Jewelry We Buy, Sell and Loan On

  • Edwardian Jewelry
  • Victorian Jewelry
  • Cut steel jewelry
  • Pre-Georgian
  • Georgian
  • Paste Jewelry
  • Pique Jewelry
  • Retro Jewelry
  • Art Deco Jewelry
  • Micro Mosaic Jewelry
  • Stuart Crystal Jewelry
  • & much more
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