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We Deal in all types of Used Tools

Used tools are a great option when considering pawn. Our pawn shops will gladly buy, sell, or loan on a large variety of new and used tools. From hand tools, power tools, specialty tools, to trade tools, and landscaping tools we basically deal in every tool imaginable. Our pawnbrokers are well versed when it comes to tools and will always offer you the most amount of cash. Many tools maintain value well, making them an excellent commodity for pawning. Buying used tools can be as affordable as renting them and can be a smart investment especially when you buy a gently used tool at a fraction of the original cost. Feel free to call ahead and speak to one of our friendly staff members today.

When it comes to tools we consider everything from a full toolbox with wrenches and ratchets to digital tools and pressure washers. We strongly believe in quality over quantity, but will always take a look at any tool. We also come across antique tools that you would never know are valuable so feel free to bring in any tool, anytime and we will give a fair evaluation. You will likely be surprised at the offer we purpose as well as the selection on our sales floor.

We strive to keep our used tool section well organized, presentable and priced right, so you always get a great deal. If there’s a tool, you don’t have or a tool you no longer need, keep Frontera Cash and Loan in mind. We will always give you the highest amount of money possible. Visit us today or call our location to see if the particular tool needed is available. Also, don’t hesitate to call for more information on our pawn process when it comes to used tools or to find out how our layaway program works.

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Tool Buyer, Sales and Loans in California and Florida