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Prepaid Phone Cards

In Need of a Prepaid Phone Card? We’ve Got You Covered!

Phone Cards and Prepaid Phone Cards when you need them!

Frontera Cash and Loan offers a selection of Phone Cards and Prepaid Phone Cards. Find the best prepaid phone card for your international calling needs.

Phone Cards are perfect for:

  • Travelers: If you make phone calls from hotels, airports, pay phones, or cell phones, prepaid phone cards will help you decrease long distance costs.

  • Expatriates: If you call family and friends outside of the US, save money on your international long distance phone calls with a prepaid international phone card.

The Pros of using Prepaid Phone Cards:

  • Keep calling costs within a budget.

  • Get competitive international rates, without having to pay a monthly service fee.

  • Get rates that are significantly lower than your cell phone carrier’s international rates.