Looking for a Pawn Shop in California or Florida?

When thinking of all the fun and unique places to go shopping in your town, it’s easy to forget about that local pawn shop. Pawn shops can be a great place to go shopping or can allow you to obtain a secure short term loan or even sell your jewelry and gold for cash. However, not every pawn shop is alike—and many aren’t an appealing place to visit. You may have to do a little digging to find one that fits your needs.

What Makes a Great Pawn Shop?

When you’re peering in a new pawn shop for the first time, how do you decide if it is a good place to go shopping or to obtain a short term loan? Here are a few signs that you’ve found a reliable store.
Clean and Organized – You may have a preconceived notion that pawn shops are chaotic or even dirty. This is rarely the case. The best pawn shops will be clean, neat and an appealing place to visit.


High Payouts – Pawn Shops offering other services like check cashing and auto title loans generally payout more for your items because the other services help cover over all business costs.
Agreeable Lending Terms – A pawn shop is in business to make money, no doubt. However, that doesn’t mean the lending terms have to be terrible. If you’re considering doing business with a pawn shop, check out the lending terms and find out if they are suitable to you.
Legality is Important – A good pawn shop will do its due diligence about items that are brought in for sale or lending. You should be able to feel good that anything you buy there is good shape.
Safe and Secure – Make sure that the pawn shop has safety as priority #1.
Knows the Business – Some pawn shops carry such a wide variety of product that they don’t know much about the items in stock. Consider working with a shop that knows a lot about their inventory. A jewelry-focused pawn shop, for instance, may be the best place to go shopping for a gold watch.

As you can see, there are many things you can look for to find a good pawn shop. If jewelry is what you’re looking to buy, sell or pawn, Frontera Cash & Loan should be your top choice. We have locations in Florida and California—here to serve you. Our team of knowledgeable and dependable brokers and customer support staff look forward to giving you the most cash possible for your items.