Whether you are looking for a deal on quality goods, or you need cash in a hurry, visiting a local pawn shop can be a great solution. However, many people avoid shopping at pawn shops because they have misconceptions about the process. Allow us to bust a few of those myths, so you can see what a good option a pawn shop can be.

  • Pawn Shops Are Full of Stolen Items – In reality, pawn shops are a great place to shop safely. No pawn shop will knowingly stock stolen goods, and the employees go the extra mile to make sure the products on their shelves are 100% legitimate.
  • Pawn Shops Want to Keep Your Stuff to Sell – While a pawn shop will sell items when the borrower does not pay back the loan, the bread and butter of the business is making loans and having them paid back. After all, the pawnbroker gets his or her payment quicker that way.
  • The Loans at Pawn Shops are so Expensive You will Never Be Able to Pay – While a pawn shop does charge interest on its loans, a reputable shop will structure the loan in such a way that paying back is not too difficult. However, borrowers must take care not to get in over their heads.
  • Borrowing from Pawn Shops is only for Desperate People – In reality, most people who borrow from pawn shops are not hopeless, they just need a little extra cash to get through the month. There is no shame in taking advantage of a pawn loan.
  • All Pawn Shops Are Run Down – While the seedy, grubby pawn shop may be a staple of Hollywood, that is not always the case. Many stores are well-maintained and are pleasant places to visit and shop.

If you have never been to a pawn shop before, try not to believe the myths—check one out for yourself. Frontera Cash and Loan is a high-end pawn shop based in California and Florida. We would love to help you with your financial crunch, or you can shop our selection of beautiful jewelry and find a bargain. Either way, we are here for you at Frontera.