Musical Instruments in a Nut Shell

Musical instruments are a specialty here at Frontera Cash and Loan. We regularly buy, sell, and loan on used musical instruments and are very proud to be a customer service driven Pawn Shop in Florida. We will always give you the most amount of money possible and are staffed with a highly trained group of pawnbrokers well versed in examining new and used musical instruments, testing instruments, and assigning proper values to instruments.

All Used Musical Instruments

We buy, loan on and sell virtually any type of musical instruments from electric and acoustic guitars to school band instruments like clarinets, trumpets, trombones and drums. No matter the merchandise we will evaluate each piece carefully and will offer an extremely fair price and loan option.

Get a Great Deal on Musical Instruments

If you’re looking to purchase a Musical Instrument, we are a wise local option especially if you’re into saving money. We typically have a variety of high-quality instruments on display in every store priced to sell. Musical instruments such as Keyboards, Guitars, String and Woodwind instruments, Brass instruments, Band instruments, and more. You can also find equipment that goes along with Musical instruments, such as amplifiers. Not only do we have a great used musical instrument inventory, but we regularly beat the prices of all the other stores in the area. Feel free to stop by any of our 8 locations to test an instrument on our sales floor. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our Layaway program is an incredible option when an instruments purchase is being considered. Although we always price our merchandise to sell fast, some instruments can be spendy such as certain types of guitars and violins. Some may also be rare and hard to find. By placing an item on layaway, we hold it in our store while you save the money.

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