Money Orders Can Come In Handy

With a Frontera Cash and Loan Money Order you can pay bills, invoices or other people without having to use a check, credit card, debit card or cash.

What is a Money Order?

A Money Order is a financial piece of paper that represents cash or is as good as cash. The person or entity receiving the money order does not require the person to have a bank account or credit card. It represents actual money and is considered to be a cash equivalent.

Why use a Money Order?

  • It’s safe and convenient, better than sending actual cash in the mail that can get lost or stolen.

  • It gives you privacy. When paying with a personal check, all of your personal banking information is on it.

  • Sometimes you have to pay with a money order because a seller or your landlord requires it.

How much do Money Order’s cost?

Frontera Cash and Loan has competitive Money Order rates that are less expensive than going to the bank.

We also cash money orders for a small transaction fee.