What would you do if you needed cash in a hurry—such as if you were hit with a medical issue or another unexpected incident? Many people think that if they have bad credit, they can’t get a loan. While it may be difficult to qualify for a standard personal loan, there are other options. For those who struggle with poor credit, auto title loans can be a true lifesaver and can make getting through difficult financial situations much easier. We’ve gathered a few facts about title loans to help you understand this simple solution too.

Bad Credit Doesn’t Matter – Even those people who have poor credit or no credit can qualify. As long as you own your vehicle or have equity, you may be eligible.

The Rate is Larger Than You Expect – Because you are pledging your vehicle’s title as collateral on the loan, you can get a higher credit limit than from a personal loan. This can be especially important if your current financial situation is dire.

The Process is Fast – Qualifying for auto title loans takes minutes, not days. Once you provide all the information needed to the title loan company, it will only take a few moments for the loan specialist to decide if you qualify. You’ll leave with a check (or cash) in your hands!

You Don’t Need a Fancy Car – While the amount of the loan will vary depending on the value of your vehicle and how much you owe, even “regular” cars can qualify. As long as your vehicle is in good working order, you may qualify.

Other Vehicles Can Qualify – If you don’t drive a car, it’s not a problem. Trucks, vans, motorcycles and even RVs can all qualify for an auto title loan.

You Get to Keep Your Car – You will retain the vehicle; we just hold the right to the title. Since we only retain the title, this means that you can still use your car or truck for getting back and forth to work or appointments. We want to make life as easy for you as possible.

It’s a Simple Process – When you choose Frontera Loans for your auto title loan, the process is simple, straightforward and pleasant. We do what we can to make it smooth and easy for you.

If you think that an auto title loan might be the right solution for you or you would like to ask an expert about title loans, contact us at Frontera Cash and Loans today. We can help you work through even the most difficult financial situations.